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Jorn: Symphonic | FESTIVALPHOTO

Jorn: Symphonic




Fabulous but born 25 years too late Norwegian vocalist Jorn Lande releases yet another album that is not brand new material. Some of the material is simply enhanced with symphonic parts, others have been remixed to make more room for the orchestral parts. Apparently JORN has strived to chose 14 songs which he felt deserves another chance or perhaps were bonus tracks in some territories. There are two DIO-related songs on offer as always, both “Rock´n`Roll Children” off “Sacred Heart” or the title track off BLACK SABBATH´s “”The Mob Rules”. The lineup of the band seems untouched, and the orchestral arrangements were made by Lasse Jensen.

Opener “I Came to Rock” has been given a pompous opening, but apart from the vocal performance there is little of interest. The same goes for the great speedy little gem “Burn Your Flame” and the more chanting “Man of the Dark”. MASTERPLAN´s “Time to Be King” is not the best that band has to offer (maybe a reworking due to the lack of touring and PR for the album?) and the out of place sounding keys adds preciously little. I do enjoy Jorn´s voice but I think it´s about time we get to hear some new and striking tunes. Ominously enough the best track by far is the reworking of “Rock´n´Roll Children”, which isn´t exactly new. But I must say that the KATE BUSH inspired “Behind the Clown” is an interesting piece. Otherwise I don´t know if JORN´s fans will bother about this one.

Track List
I Came to Rock
Rock´n´Roll Children
The World I See
Burn Your Flame
Man of the Dark
My Road
Time to Be King
Black Morning
Like Stone in Water
Vision Eyes
War of the World
Behind the Clown
A Thousand Cuts
The Mob Rules

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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