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Steel Raiser: Regeneration | FESTIVALPHOTO

Steel Raiser: Regeneration



Pure Steel Records/Sound Pollution

Sicilian band STEEL RAISER first showed themselves in 2008 with their debut “Race of Steel” in 2008. They have an obvious love of classic powerful heavy metal, and the info sheet mentions JUDAS PRIEST´s “Painkiller”. Vocalist Alfonso Giordano is described as a mix of Rob Halford, Udo Dirkschneider and David Wayne (METAL CHURCH, REVEREND). We all know what to expect…

Opner “Cyberlazer” displays a band going full-throttle with a most ok track, reminiscent of NWOBHM band BLITZKRIEG. They go for a further dose of the UK with “Finalizer”, but end up less successful than with the opener. What surprises me is that the iron vocalist that the info speaks about seems to be in a bit of problems with tracks like “Metal Maniac” and “The Executioner”. More positive to speak of “Magic Circle”, a track that suits a band like this and builds up the right steam. Alas “The Executioner”, a great blend of SATAN and KING DIAMOND limps a bit on the vocal side and falls short. Oddly enough it seems mid-paced songs like “Wings of the Abyss” and “Chains of Hate” seem more adapted to the band than the heavy metal thunder mentioned in less well-executed songs. Still STEEL RAISER do quite alright for themselves…but with a young Brian Ross at the helm they would have been far more convincing!

Track List
Magic Circle
Wings of the Abyss
Metal Maniac
Love Is Unfair
The Executioner
Chains of Hate

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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