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Ten: Heresy and Creed | FESTIVALPHOTO

Ten: Heresy and Creed



TEN formed about 20 years ago, as vocalist GARY HUGHES was preparing a new solo album and had a big song surplus. 1996 saw their album debut with “X” and now they also have 10 albums to celebrate. There has been a lot of member changes, as celebrities like Don Airey, Vinny Burns, Ged Rylands and Mark Zoner (of FATES WARNING) have come and gone. Apart from ubiquitous band leader, vocalist, programmer and guitarist Gary the line-up consists of guitarists Dan Mitchel and John Halliwell, bassist Steve McKenna, keyboardist Darrel Treece-Birch and drummer Max Yates.

The album is more mixed and uneven than I wished for. They know their RAINBOW tendencies and they have lots of melody but “The Gates of Jerusalem is only ok. But the restrained feeling is omnipresent on the disc. That doesn´t stop tracks like “Arabian Nights” and “Gunrunning” from shining, but there are no real contenders among the 13 tracks. There are quite a few refrains to keep or slightly rework for best effect, Gary is a very good vocalist and the band seems to e bursting to play out…but keeps a low profile throughout. The fun lyrics and great refrain of “Insatiable” is rather great, the same goes for the flow in the lyrics and the sheer softness of the piano in “Another Rainy Day”, but, alas, that´s it. The soft tracks deserves better than to be kept back like this, and that is the general feeling…like playing in mono when you have only to push the stereo button!

Track List
The Gates of Jerusalem
Arabian Nights
The Lights Go Down
Raven´s Eye
Right Now
Game of Hearts
The Last Time
The Priestess
Another Rainy Day
The Riddle

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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