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Onward chariots - This is my confession | FESTIVALPHOTO

Onward chariots - This is my confession



Onward Chariots was formed by Ben Morss, a multi-instrumentalist. He's recruited a number of other musicians to join him, and the result is an indie-pop album with a whole load of other influences thrown into the mix. The sound is made more varied by the range of instruments used which incluude electronics, Strings, Oboe, Clarinet, Mandolin and Trumpet.

Brief comments on a few tracks...

The album starts with "Opening", a short (a minute and a half) track that is atmospheric music with some soft high pitched vocals. It's an interesting start to the album.

The first real song is "This is my confession I". It's got a real indie-pop feel to it with the guitars.

In contrast the falsetto vocals in the chorus of "Sisters and brothers" makes it sound more like the Beegees. The verses use a less high-pitched vocal which helps give contrast and make it a good song

Mama uses a sample in the background that is taken from "On the run" - a track on Pink Floyd's Dark side of the moon album. It's quite a distinctive bit - in fact a bit too distinctive as I found it distracted away from the song while I focussed on remembering which song the sample came from. Apart from that it's a good song.

It's a very good album and the range of instruments used really helps the album to have a distinctive sound that standa apart from other indie-pop albums. Well worth a listen.

"This is my confession" is out on 13th February on Skipping Stones Records.

Track listing:

1. Opening
2. This is my confession I
3. Mel Gibson
4. Sisters and brothers
5. I just met a girl
6. When you're smiling
7. Mama
8. This is my confession II
9. Forever never ends
10. You don't have to be unhappy
11. I want to be with you
12. I want everything
13. How could I
14. Get me out of this party
15. Stay
16. Confession III

Writer: Anthony May
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