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Onward Chariots stream new track, Mama | FESTIVALPHOTO

Onward Chariots stream new track, Mama

Onward Chariots is the brainchild of Ben Morss, a multi-instrumentalist and self professed music geek whose journey to This Is My Confession is peppered with eclecticism. In a life filled with music, Morss has toured the world, played with the California acid-jazz group 11:11 at festivals such as NXNW and SXSW, conducted orchestras, played gospel in African-American churches, arranged and played on albums for artists like Cake, and immersed himself in the works of Peter Bjorn & John, Belle & Sebastian, Yo La Tengo and The Beatles.

Taken from the forthcoming album This Is My Confession (Jan 29th), the band now make the track Mama available for streaming and sharing:

Morss had this to say about the track:

“It’s a shimmering, tragic, Sufjan Stevens-esque, minimalism-influenced chamber pop composition sung by an unhappy baby to his emotionally inappropriate mother. Trumpets, oboes, strings, and synthesizers swirl as the child sings in chiming three-syllable sentences – ‘I am me. Can't you see?’

The song marks the beginning of the journey of the album, one man's struggle with love from birth to maturity, wrapped in the story of a doomed love affair.”

This Is My Confession is released on January 29th on Skipping Stones Records.

For more information on Onward Chariots please visit:

Writer: Anthony May
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