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City Reign - Another step | FESTIVALPHOTO

City Reign - Another step



"Another step" is the debut album from Manchester band City Reign. The band comprises the songwriting duo of Chris Bull and Mike Grice along with Duncan Bolton and Ryan Ashton. After moving to Manchester to study, Chris and Mike met at a Ryan Adams gig - the band's name comes from his song "City Rain, City Streets".
The band have released three singles - "Making plans", "Out in the cold" and "Daybreak" as well as an EP (Numbers for street names). Now they are releasing their debut album on their own record label.

The album was recorded in Salford’s Sacred Trinity Church, so instead of a recording studio where everything is designed to control echoes and the sound bouncing, the the stone walls and high ceiling give a very different recording environment. Recording there also means the church organ features in the album. As well as the organ there is also a string quartet featured.

Brief comments on a couple of tracks..

"Retaliate" features a string quartet alongside the band. Their contribution does add a lot giving the song a very different to if it was played acoustically without them - the song is richer with more layers of sound and sounds great - it's my favourite song on the album.

"Ahead of ideas" was released as a single. It's a great song with plenty of power and energy, and it's outro features the church organ as well as the string quartet.

A great Indie album.

"Another step" will be released on 25th February on Car Boot Records

City Reign are:

Chris Bull - Vocals/Guitar
Michael Grice - Guitar
Duncan Bolton - Drums
Ryan Ashton - Bass

Track listing:

1. Anchor
2. Making plans
3. Out in the cold
4. Sleep easy
5. The line
6. Retaliate
7. See what it's worth
8. Stay where you are
9. Ahead of ideas
10. Daybreak
11. Anywhere, Anyway

Writer: Anthony May
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