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David Bronson Celebrates Release of Story with 2 New Videos + 2 Free Downloads | FESTIVALPHOTO

David Bronson Celebrates Release of Story with 2 New Videos + 2 Free Downloads

‘If you like well-produced, catchy, decent guitar playing and solid vocals then you’ll like this.’ – Gold Flake Paint

After a number of years of writing, producing, and recording, David Bronson officially releases the first instalment of a 22-song cycle project, The Long Lost Story, in the UK. ‘Story’ is the first album out now, to be followed by ‘The Long Lost’ later in the year. To celebrate the occasion, Bronson gives away two free downloads of tracks from the record, accompanied by beautifully intimate new videos.

Bronson on the tracks:
"'Easier' is a very reflective kind of song, roughly narrating some of the story of the record, in a hopeful, if kind of wary way. It's a detached retelling of what had happened that was painful, as well as a kind of attempt at a self-prescribed 'remedy' on how to proceed forward.
Since the song is an extremely internal one, even moreso than the rest of the record, I wanted a very intimate feeling for the video, so I thought "what would be more intimate than shooting it by myself, at home?" So that's what I did. I also realized the other day that it's kind of a funny play on words - it was after all, from a technical standpoint, a much 'easier' video to make than some of the other ones. I like when things like that happen.”
“‘Momentary’ has a chorus that to me is a universal message, a message that I acutely needed to hear when I wrote it. It was essentially me telling myself that things would get better, but also acknowledging that they’d likely worse again too, and that’s just how it is (and that that’s not necessarily a bad thing). On another level, it’s ultimately an acknowledgement of death, and as such is an implied admonition to really value and be supremely grateful for all of it – that it’s all part of it, and all beautiful and meaningful, both in spite of, and because of, its impermanence. It’s also a special song to me personally because it’s the one song on the two records that was co-written by my brother Jeremy (who’s also the drummer).
As far as the video is concerned – I’ve always had a deep love and appreciation for illustration, from a very young age being obsessed with comic books. So I wrote out a few rough, sort of allegorical outlines and began looking for illustrators. I literally came across David Sparshott by googling ‘Illustrator’. I was really drawn to his style, as I was looking for a somewhat particular line-drawn, monochromatic kind of thing. His pieces were cooler and more boldly idiosyncratic and technically beautiful than I had imagined. I’m thrilled with his interpretation.”
Story is out now, available on iTunes

Writer: Anthony May
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