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Me, who never lived the rock ’n roll life in the 80s, Im extremely happy to just look around nowadays and meet more and more bands, who give the feeling of that great, heroic time of rock and the life around it. This style seems that – thanks good- started to spread again, as a nostalgy nowadays, hopefully getting over one day the stupid trendy pop songs.

I met quite by chance Shock Rocket, a young band ruined in Italy. The four guys, -not more than 20 years old boys Im talking about-, not just play or try to play the rock n’ roll, they really live that life and the music at all. And its absolutely right: topics, songs, and the all enviroment around Marty, Marco, Andrew and Joey is full with the emotion what we usually love to call hard rock. I have no glue, if anybody could write really new or never heard riffs and melody parts for these type of early rock style, but Im sure, that everybody can form it and fulfill with an own style, added the personal soul to it. And this is perfect so. Well, Shock Rocket guys did that, there is no doubt.

The band was formed as "Wild Ones" back in 2009 in order to play hard rock covers. „Almost at the beginning we started focusing on our material, thats where Marty's composing talent came out. The audience response was positive since the first gig and the fan base started to grow up exponentially. One of the biggest improvements came after we realized that we can not focus only on music but we have to work on the image and stage performance as well. Soon we noticed that our image and a 5-track demo recorded in March 2010, made us gain fans from all over the world. Together we did around 40 concerts until late 2011 some of which with bigger bands such is Crazy Lixx, Tuff, Jesse Malin and other Slovenian famous heavy metal bands. Besides that Marty has played with the famous American guitarist Michael Angelo Batio who liked really much our demo.”

Years passed, and th band got the name Shock Rocket, and in 2012 a 10 track demo came out, was really successfull and well marked in the rock era. „We also gained the interest of the producer Beau Hill (who produced bands like Alice Cooper, Winger, Europe, Ratt, Twisted Sister....) who is interested in producing full lenght CD's. Things are getting better day by day, rehearsal by rehearsal and we can't wait to make the SHOCK ROCKET lift off and rock the world.” Songs are available on Youtube, and its also valueable to watch the bands official music video there, called Lay Down on Me. On the other hand my favorit tune from the guys is All Night Long. Strong, dynamic feeling- the concert air is around me during listening it. And as they say, they do not have limit. „There are already 15 songs ready to record, and a dozen we still have to rehearse. Our goal is to have great shows on big stages all around the globe.”



Writer: Orsi Kurcz
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