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Helloween - Straight out of hell | FESTIVALPHOTO

Helloween - Straight out of hell



German Power Metal legends Helloween are back with their fourteenth studio album.

The first track on the album (and indeed the first single - check out the video on Youtube) is Nabatea. A departure from the typical subjects of rock and metal songs, this seven minute epic tells the tale of Nabatea (a real place). The first real democracy over 3000 years ago, almost nothing remains of this peaceful kingdom in the desert, but one of it's cities does remain and is well known - the hidden city of Petra with it's buildings carved out of the rock (if you've watched films including Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade you'll have seen it). Petra was only re-discovered 200 years ago (in 1812). For a song that is basically a seven minute history lesson you might expect it to be boring but that's far from the truth - it's a great song with a strong tune and the lyrics tell the story brilliantly. If schools could make History this interesting I think we'd all have enjoyed school a hell of a lot more.

Next up is "World of war", and as befits the title it's a good heavy track. There's some breakneck speed drumming keeping the song going at full pelt with some great heavy guitar riffs adding plenty of power.

"Hold me in your arms" is the almost obligatory ballad. The keyboards and soft vocals take cenre stage for this one, with the rest of the band really only firing up for the chorus. It's a great song.

Title track "Straight out of hell" is a fantastic track - classic Helloween and one I can see going down very well in their live shows.

"Burning sun" appears in its standard form on the album, but for fans who buy the limited edition version there is also a version featuring a Hammond organ in tribute to Jon Lord.

Generally when reviewing an album I'll listen to it two or three times before writing the review, but with "Straight out of hell" I've probably listened to it more like 20-30 times - it's one of those albums you just can't stop listening to. It's Helloween at their best, with a range of songs that have plenty of variety but are still instantly recognisable as Helloween.

Another excellent album from the German legends. I can't wait to hear them play songs from this album when they play London in April as part of their tour with Gamma Ray.

Straight out of hell will be released on 21st January 2013 via Spinefarm records

Track listing:

1. Nabatea
2. World of war
3. Live now!
4. Far from the stars
5. Burning sun
6. Waiting for the thunder
7. Hold me in your arms
8. Wanna be God
9. Straight out of hell
10. Asshole
11. Years
12. Make fire catch the fly
13. Church breaks down

Writer: Anthony May
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