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Night Ranger: 24 Strings and a Drummer - Live and Accoustic | FESTIVALPHOTO

Night Ranger: 24 Strings and a Drummer - Live and Accoustic




Ever since the release of the classic “Dawn Patrol” in 1982 NIGHT RANGER have been top of their game. I discovered them when I heard “Rock in America” on the Swedish Radio Show “Rockbox” in the mid eighties, and most people have some fond memories to their music. This album is nevertheless a celebration of the 30th Anniversary of their debut album, but also features many other hits. Original guitarist Jeff Watson has pursued a solo career, and is replaced by Joel Hoekstra and Eric Levy handles keys and piano since 2011. Let’s see if they can create magic without electricity.

To their credit NIGHT RANGER of 2012 includes quite a few songs off their latest “Somewhere in California”. Opener “This Boy Needs to Rock” is culled from it and works well as an opener, as it is catchy though not their finest hour. Most of their repertoire is from the eighties, of cause, and no wonder. The band scored top single after top single and we have seven of the best of an entire decade on offer here. But to my delight “Growing Up in California” scores as one of the best moments on the disc, together with “Don´t Tell me You Love Me”, “The Secret of My Success”, “Sister Christian” and, the perennial, “(You Can Still) Rock in America”, which will always be on my best of the eighties. This version has a rather imaginative solution for an acoustic version of the riff of a lifetime. To my wonder they end with DON HENLEY´s “Boys of Summer”, which is not quite the way to go…

Track List
This Boy Needs to Rock
When You Close Your Eyes
Sing Me Away
Growing Up in California
The Secret of My Success
Sentimental Street
Four in the Morning
Let Him Run - Goodbye
Forever All Over Again
Don´t Tell Me You Love Me
Sister Christian
(You Can Still) Rock in America
Boys of Summer (Bonus Track)

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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