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The last vegas - Bad decisions | FESTIVALPHOTO

The last vegas - Bad decisions



Despite the name, The Last Vegas don't actually come from Las Vegas - instead they come from Chicago. The band formed in 2005 and got a big boost when Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx took interest after seeing them play in Los Angeles. Sixx released the band's 2009 album “Whatever Gets You Off” on his label while also adding them to the two month Motley Crue tour that followed - a real boost to any band. "It was great working with a master of rock 'n' roll, he has similar tastes and style to ours," said Cherry.

Right from the start, the album impresses - opening track "Beat to hell" is a great rock song with a bit of a Motley Crue feel - it's that late 80s hard rock sound and attitude. It's easy to see why Nick Sixx was impressed by the band.

"It ain't easy" is a cover version. While for many people the David Bowie version is the one they know, it's actually a Ron Davies song that Bowie covered and that The Last Vegas have also chosen to cover.

If you like classic American rock - Motley Crue, Cinderella and some of the heavier rock bands, then The Last Vegas are definitely worth checking out.

The Last Vegas are:

Adam Arling - Guitars
Nate Arling - Drums
Chad Cherry - Vocals
Danny Smash - Bass
Johnny Wator - Guitars

Track listing:

1. Beat to hell
2. Other side
3. Bad decisions
4. Evil eyes
5. Don't take it so hard
6. She's my confusion
7. It ain't easy
8. My way forever
9. Leonida
10. Devil in you
11. You are the one
12. Good night

Writer: Anthony May
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