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Bloodbound - In the name of metal | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bloodbound - In the name of metal



The name Bloodbound may conjure up thoughts of a death metal or black metal band, but in fact they are a Swedish Power Metal band. The band formed in 2004 and released their debut album Nosferatu in 2006. Since then they have released three more albums and undergone several lineup changes, most noticeably in the vocal department. Now they are releasing their fifth album - In the name of metal.

Power metal bands do have a tendency towards cheesy lyrics when they aren't singing about dragons and other fantasy subjects, and this album from Bloodbound is no different - check out "Metalheads unite" for a really cheesy anthem. Despite the sometimes cheesy lyrics, Power metal tends to be fun - certainly a lot more so than many other genres, and this is where Bloodbound score highly - the album has a real fun feelgood appeal to it. Great catchy music plus epic or over the top lyrics with a strong chorus combine to make great songs that are bound to go down well with the fans at gigs.

If you're a fan of bands such as Accept, Hammerfall and Bullet then this is likely to be an album you'll enjoy - some good solid (and occasionally cheesy) power metal.

Bloodbound are:

Patrik Johansson - Lead Vocals
Tomas Olsson - Lead and rtm guitars
Fredrik Bergh - Keyboards and b/v
Henrik Olsson - Rhythm guitars
Pelle Åkerlind - Drums and percussion
Anders Broman - Bass

Track listing:

1. In The Name Of Metal
2. When Demons Collide
3. Bonebreaker
4. Metalheads Unite
5. Son Of Babylon
6. Mr. Darkness
7. I’m Evil
8. Monstermind
9. King Of Fallen Grace
10. Black Devil
11. Bounded By Blood
12. Book Of The Dead 2012 (Bonus track)

Writer: Anthony May
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