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Issa: Can´t Stop | FESTIVALPHOTO

Issa: Can´t Stop




Norwegian rock diva ISSA, or Isabell Oversveen, is getting a lot of attention for her efforts. First up was her debut “Sign of Angels” in 2010 and then came follow-up in 2011, “The Storm”, both were rewarded rather gratuitously, but not by me. This time around ISSA goes for 12 tracks of past glories, as she sets out to put her mark on classics by the likes of 21 GUNS, TANGIER, BLVD etc. Not a single track of her own means safety in a way, at least amongst genre buffs, but also that she will be put to the test and compared with legends.

AVIATOR`s “Can´t Stop” opens the exam. Though ISSA has a certain edge to her voice she does the track justice. The AOR magic is complete with dexterous keyboards and solid backing overall from HARDLINE personnel. ATLANTIC must be next in line as “Power Over Me” gets an overhaul. I really don´t think that particular track is right here, so things gets lukewarm. As REGATTA`s “Whenever You Run” hits my speakers there is a tad more force added to the guitars, but it is not to hard a match for the original. 21 GUNS (Scott Gorhams post-LIZZY AOR venture) gets two tracks on here, and the surefire “These Eyes” don´t fail either of the bands. “Just a Wish” is somewhat tamer, and it had an European Song Contest touch from the start too. BLVD´s “Dream On, TANGIER´s sadly underrated “Stranded”, together with the aforementioned opener and album closer tracks are best in class. Everything fits and the right 80´s top-notch AOR feeling is here. But there are also moments of missing a male voice, too basic songs from the start, especially the ATLANTIC and WORRALL tracks. I hope that ISSA is not turning into the female version of another Norwegian, JORN. The finest aspirations, influences and abilities always get blurred by not being capable enough in the songwriting department, or even in the picking of covers to adopt.

Track List
Can´t Stop
Power Over Me
Whenever You Run
Just a Wish
If You Ever Fall
Do You Ever Think of Me
Dream On
Heat of the Night
I Won´t Surrender
State of Love
These Eyes

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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