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Son of a Bitch: Victim You | FESTIVALPHOTO

Son of a Bitch: Victim You



Angel Air/Border

Prior to SAXON, back in the first half of the seventies, there was SON OF A BITCH. Deemed unsuitable by the band´s record label at the time, Carrere, the name was ousted in favor of what was to become Barnsley´s most major music export. In 1986 history repeated itself as SAXON originals Graham “Oly” Oliver, guitars, Steve “Dobby” Dawson, bass, and Peter Gill, drums, joined forces with THUNDERHEAD vocalist Ted Bullet and guitarist Haydn Conway, guitars (ex. SARACEN). The band´s debut gig was headlining the Isle of Man TT and things looked good until Peter had health issues and Ted ran into contractual obligations with THUNDERHEAD.

This album opens with one of two question marks. The overly heavy “Bitch of a Place to Be” is too grinding at times, especially as things escalate towards the end. But please don´t let that or the oddball “Evil Sweet Evil” put you off. Because in here is the songwriting duo´s best after SAXON track, “Past the Point”, which would have made them even more rock stars a decade earlier. The force, the refrain, the steamy energy, everything that made SAXON big is in here, created by the probably most prolific songwriters of the band. The feel good English old school hard rock of the likes of “Drivin´ Sideways”, “Treacherous Times” and, of cause, “Old School” keeps my pulse beating. And the sheer ballad straightfulness of “I Still Care” works fine in that department too. In addition to the old edition of the album we get the excellent bonus track “Running Away (from You)”. I regard the exclusion of the track on the original album as a mystery, since it is right up there with “Past the Point” and the energetic title track. The latter benefits very much from the vocal talents of Mr. Bullet. In some of the tracks I really miss Ted in OD SAXON, but in other cases present OD SAXON vocalist John “Wardi” Ward, is hard to beat. Both of them have more voice left than is the case of Biff Byford in many ways these days, but I don´t want to start a debate. I recommend this album, and I would happily purchase a follow-up if they get down to doing that one day.

Track List
Bitch of a Place to Be
Drivin´ Sideways
Past the Point
No Ones Getting Over
Treacherous Times
Love Your Misery
I Still Care
Old school
More for Me
Evil Sweet Evil
Victim You

Bonus Track
Running Away (from You)

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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