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Loverboy: Rock´n´Roll Revival | FESTIVALPHOTO

Loverboy: Rock´n´Roll Revival




LOVERBOY might not mean a lot to people today, at least not here in Scandinavia, but the States is another place. The Canadian band has sold more than 10 million albums , with a lot of awards in the US, and that is and that is mostly due to four albums released in the first half of the eighties! They are listed as one of the most prosperous touring acts in the world, which of cause prerequisites that they tour in big nations. They have had a short hiatus, but in 2005 they celebrated 25 years together etc. They returned to making albums in 2007, with “Just Getting Started”, and now this one. But this one is not quite new, not since more than half of the songs are old favorites in slightly reworked versions.

When you are through the first three tracks, you´re done with the new songs. The title track has a nice enough riff and great pace, but the refrain and the rather odd keys hamper the whole affair. I prefer “No Tomorrow” with its JOHN WAITE storytelling mood, a better refrain and a general feeling of a more modern song. “Heartbreaker” is more in line with the opener, and I must confess to finding quite a few songs somewhat old in style. My favorite moments are “Loving Every Minute of It”, “Always on My Mind” and “Queen of the Broken Heart”. They all go well with the general feeling of the early eighties, they all rock and are quite groovy, apart from the cozy ballad-esque mid-paced “Always on My Mind”. The rest are too seventies or too outdated to my liking…but an amazing lot of people living in Canada and the US tell me I´m wrong on this one…

Track List
Rock´n´Roll Revival
No Tomorrow
Turn Me Loose
Working for the Weekend
Lovin´ Every Minute of It
The Kid Is Hot Tonight
Lucky Ones
Always on My Mind
Quuen of the Broken Heart
When It´s Over
Hot Girls in Love

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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