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Fogalord: A Legend to Believe In | FESTIVALPHOTO

Fogalord: A Legend to Believe In



Limb Music/Sound Pollution

Italian symphonic epic power metal band FOGALORD began life in 2008, as band leader Dany Ali was looking for ways to display his creative output. Dany first went professional with SYNTPHONIA SUPREMA, and cut two albums with them, before beginning on a concept album of the history of his home town. Will this be more waltz-paced Teutonic metal in Italian cloak?

There are four intros or maybe more since two of them are over two minutes long. They improve as the album progresses. But opening intro “Follow the Fog” is a pompous display of Tolkien influences, coupling with Italian history and probably Wagner. And the first vocal track, “At the Gates of the Silent Storm” doesn´t really convince me. Neither does the 0.27 long “Black Era”. But “The Fog Lord” is shaping things up, nice pace, a fine refrain, a duet and nice quality arrangements. That is the point that opens up the album, and it is odd to expect the listener to engulf the least good part in the first three tracks. A mediaeval feeling hits directly in “The Scream of the Thunder”, and there are more cinematic and epic parts as the album progresses. The melodies are nice, the mandatory double bass drumming, the vivid riffs and, as FOGALORD hits their paramount part, bagpipes! “The March of the Grey Army” may well be a historic reference for an Italian, but for me it is all about a full-blown power metal song with a touch of unique arrangements. And the 15 minutes plus album closer “Of War and Resurrection” is also one of the highlights. There are no overblown bombastic waltzes here, only a lengthy track of well-measured epics and the right atmosphere. Those 15 minutes are easily shorter than the appr. 7.30 minutes of the first three tracks. If you get by the first yawns you will find power metal antics of the finest kind interspersed here.

Track List
Follow the Fog
At the Gates of the Silent Storm
Black Era
The Fog Lord
The Scream of the Thunder
A Legend to Believe In
The Dark Prophecy
A Day of Fire
Our Last Nightfall
Strenght of the Hopeless
The March of the Grey Army
Of War and Resurrection

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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