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The Birthday Massacre - Hide and seek | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Birthday Massacre - Hide and seek



THe Birthday Massacre are back with their fifth album - Hide and Seek. The Toronto based synth rockers formed in 1999 and released their first album in 2002. Since then they've been very consistent , releasing albums every 2-3 years, and with each album evolving their sound slightly rather than going in for radical changes. This approach has brought them a loyal fanbase.

The album was mixed by guitarist Rainbow and Dave Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Killing Joke, Marilyn Manson) who worked with the band on their last two albums.

"We wanted ‘Hide And Seek’ to have a certain depth and atmosphere, so we took time to create a lot of new sound textures that would complement running throughout it”, explains TBM guitarist Rainbow. He continues: “In turn, the lyrics are decidedly darker and more meditative than much of our past work which gives this album a lot of emotional weight and a very distinct tone”.
Singer Chibi adds: “We always want to be growing and moving forward. We have a formula for working together, writing and recording, that works – but as we grow and change as people, so will what we create. This records, as always, reflects who and where we are this moment in our lives and with each other”.

The Birthday Massacre are a band I've had recommended to me by several friends but who for some reason I've never quite got round to listening to. I really should have taken their advice sooner as this is excellent stuff.

As you'd expect from a band described as "Synth-rock", the synth plays a key role in their sound - it's certainly more prominent than the guitars. It's unusual to hear music that uses this much synth and yet is still clearly rock rather than pop. It's a really unusual sound and I have to say it works extremely well and I love it. Chibi has a great voice and as well as sounding great it carries plenty of emotion too, giving the lyrics added weight.

If you're a fan of synth use in music you'll love this, but even if its not something you'd normally think to listen to, The Birthday Massacre are definitely worth a listen - it's great rock music but with a difference. I'd certainly recommend this album.

“Hide And Seek” will be released on October 8th via Out Of Line Music.

Track listing:

1. Leaving Tonight
2. Down
3. Play With Fire
4. Need
5. Calling
6. Alibis
7. One Promise
8. In This Moment
9. Cover My Eyes
10. The Long Way Home

Writer: Anthony May
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