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Eloah - The art of loving | FESTIVALPHOTO

Eloah - The art of loving



Where to start with this review? OK Eloah are an Austrian band, who's name is one of the hebrew words for God. The lineup for the album is huge - an astonishing 13 members playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, saxophone, trombone, piano and flutes as well as vocals.
Musically it's quite unusual. I can only describe it as Jazz blended with Prog rock, alternative and new age - it's a really quite bizarre album. That's not meant in a negative way - it's just a very strange album, but sometimes strange is good.

The music is dominated by the acoustic guitar which is extremely well done, and the saxophone and trombone add something extra to reall make the songs stand out from almost anything else you'll have listened to.

I have no idea if the first track title actually means anything or if it's a random collection of strange symbols - for most people I'm sure its going to appear meaningless even if it is meant to mean something. Certainly its counterproductive to use symbols that text editors don't recognise !!

"Chocolate covered bear" is just bizarre. It's a semi-spoken song with acoustic guitar accompaniment and the lyrics talk of walkin through the woods and meeting a chocolate covered bear. These have to be the strangest lyrics I've heard in a long long time

There's some really nice music on this album, but the vocals fail to inspire - they really don't do a lot for me, and that is probably the biggest weakness on the album.

An interesting album that fans of the more extreme forms of Prog rock should certainly consider checking out.

1. ?????????
2. Awakening (A gunslingers lullaby)
3. Apostles, Traitors and Messiahs
4. Armageddon
5. Human kind blues
6. The last day of earth
7. The art of loving
8. The fly
9. Chocolate covered bear
10. My home
11. A holy yes
12. Pray to them
13. One last time
14. Too close
15. Pacha mama
16. Light

Writer: Anthony May
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