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Maiact Fest 2009
Day: 24th of July – Noidz & Moonspell

As it was expected of a free entrance Fest, the amount of people was such that it practically filled up the entire sports complex where the event took place.
The first band of the night was Noidz, bringing us an industrial eclectic sound with a repertoire as varied and original as the show they gave. I think I speak for many people when I say they really surprised me and they clearly exceeded expectations. One of the first things that drew my attention was the large quantity of LCD screens showing psychedelic images that were on stage, we even thought that some family member of the band would probably own an appliances store! (We later discovered that they’re sponsored by Samsung). The band members seem to have arrived from another galaxy: the drummer was inside of a gigantic cage with a furry costume that looked just like Chewbacca from Star Wars but with dreadlocks. All the members had really funny extraterrestrial costumes, once in a while both vocals and bassist went up into a kind of rotating compartment placed on stage. The appearance of a reaper playing the bagpipe during the song roots sounds from earth (which I highly recommend) cheered everybody up. Their sound reminded me of bands like Rob Zombie, Kovenant and Pain. Their show was anything but boring: they knew how to take advantage of the stage as well as “dominating” the audience. The visual ingredient played an important role during the entire show. Finally they ended up playing a Marilyn Manson cover: The Beautiful people which left the audience screaming for more!
Anyway, Moonspell was the most awaited band of the night; they gave a pretty good show, just as good as their last year show in this very own fest, (only more crowded), they were helped by two female singers on songs like Luna and Scorpion Flower although some oldschool fans preferred they would have played more songs from the Wolfheart and Under the Moonspell albums. Their setlist was majorly enforced with the most classic themes such as Opium, Full Moon Madness, and Alma Matter, mixed up with some recent tracks like Finisterra and Everything Invaded. Moonspell made a great performance that certainly pleased all fans.

Writer: Claudia Bernal
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