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Striker: Armed to the Teeth | FESTIVALPHOTO

Striker: Armed to the Teeth



Napalm/Sound Pollution

Canada has contributed a lot to rock and metal over the years, albeit more often in the shadow of big brother the US of A. This is the second album of STRIKER, the first being “Eyes in the Night”(2010), and there is also an EP by the name of “Road Warrior” (2009). The recording band consists of Dan Cleary, vocals, Ian Sandercock and Chris Segger, guitars, bass player Dave Arnold and drummer Adam Brown. Inspired by bands like SAXON, IRON MAIDEN and ANNIHILATOR they have set out for world domination in true eighties fashion. So…?

The first two songs definitely kills off all suspicions of unfaithfulness or a modern take on anything. Opener “Forever” is a fine sounding almost Taliban version of what ruled the earth approximately 30 years ago. “Let It Burn” has a nice but rather unusual ring to it, the mix of IRON MAIDEN and Canucks HELIX is not common in the 2010´s. “Lethal Force” is actually an improvement! The sway arm effects, the cozy grooves and the massive chorus almost has be reverting to my eighties me in less than 20 seconds. The feeling of recognition is sometimes present, but I don´t mind. “Land of the Lost”, “It Could Be Worse”, they all have this good ole NWOBHM ring to them, and I do enjoy that. But no matter what, the ending is still the sharpest part. “All the Way” is a steam machine waiting to explode, just give it another minute and see. But even if the studio was boiling, it must have been melting with the big chorus of “Can´t Stop the Rush”. The speedy pace does the rest. With a better opener and one or two more killers, this would have been a 5/5 without hesitation.

Track List
Let It Burn
Lethal Force
It Could Be Worse
Fight for Your Life
Land of the Lost
Wolf Gang
Feed the Fire
All the Way
Can´t Stop the Rush

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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