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Hellyeah - Band of brothers | FESTIVALPHOTO

Hellyeah - Band of brothers



Hellyeah is the group formed by former Pantera and Damageplan drummer Vinnie Paul. The band also includes Chad Gray (Mudvayne), Greg Tribbett (Mudvayne) and Tom Maxwell (Nothingface), which has led to the band being given the "supergroup" tag - as many ther recent bands have been.
The band's first two albums have been well received and achieved a good level of success, so they have a fairly high standard to meet with this their third album in order to make it as good as, or better than the previous albums.
The important question is - have they succeeded in making the new album their best yet? Well in my opinion the answer is a definite Yes !

Vinnie Paul's powerful drumming drives the songs forward at a relentless pace. Heavy guitar riffs and angry snarling vocals give this album plenty of energy and aggression. They haven't fallen into the trap of playing flat out for the whole album though - there are plenty of changes of pace, but even the slowest song still has a lot of power and aggression. With this album the band are really showing their true potential, that the previous albums hinted at but didnt quite deliver. A great album

All we need now are some UK tour dates so we can hear these songs played live.

The best album yet from Hellyeah - well worth a listen.

Track listing:

1. War in me
2. Band of brothers
3. Rage/burn
4. Drink drank drunk
5. Bigger god
6. Between you and nowhere
7. Call it like I see it
8. Why does it always
9. WM free
10. Dig myself a hole
11. What it takes to be me

Writer: Anthony May
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