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Wig Wam: Wall Street | FESTIVALPHOTO

Wig Wam: Wall Street




Norwegian glam kings/Eurovision Song Contest hopefuls in 2005 return with their fourth release. Being major stars in their native Norway the band had their European highlight back in 2005. Melodies, choruses, catchy refrains and Rock´n´Roll can be expected nevertheless.

Some opening keys transgress directly into the verse as they move into gear with the title track. It is prime time heedless rock with Norwegian energy. It might even be one of the better openings of 2012? Next up is “OMG (Wish I Had a Gun)” which is almost the same caliber. But the surprising “The Bigger the Better” is a step in the wrong direction. The keys are odd in style for the band and the overall sound is probably a shock to their fans. The, as if nothing happened, they are back in business with more WIGWAM hard rock. Then, all of a sudden, they do the rather stale “One Million Enemies”, which is below their ability. And in addition to that they do “Natural High” later on, which must have been written for another vocalist? To play it safe they end with an instrumental with a lot of guitar notes. They do their best to surprise me negatively, but they fail to do so in the end after all. But I recommend less experimenting next time around, their fans know their band and probably will react like me.

Track List
Wall Street
OMG (Wish I Had a Gun)
Victory Is Sweet
The Bigger The Better
Bleeding Daylight
Tides Will Turn
Wrong Can Feel So Right
One Million Enemies
Try My Body On
Natural High
Things Money Can´t Buy

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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