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The Treatment - Nothing to lose but our minds | FESTIVALPHOTO

The Treatment - Nothing to lose but our minds



Young Cambridge band The Treatment are doing very well at the moment. They released their debut album on Powerage records before signing with Spinefarm and re-releasing the album to a good reception. They've been busy touring the UK and have supported Alice Cooper on tour in Europe. They are currently in the USA as the support band for the KISS/Motley Crue tour - now that's a good lineup and a great opportunity for the band to make a lot of new fans in the USA. Their debut album, "This might hurt" has been followed by a limited edition EP (Then & Again) released for Record Store Day which contained several cover versions.

This single contains two tracks - "Nothing to lose but our minds - 2012 version" and "Evil Woman". The main track is an updated version on the song which appears on their debut album. The second, Evil Woman, is a song from the "Then & Again" EP and is a cover of the ELO song.

"Nothing to lose but our minds - 2012 version" is the main track here (what would have been Side A of the single back in the days of vinyl). With an opening that reminds me of the classic Mott the Hoople song "All the young dudes" this is a good powerful rock song

"Evil Woman" is a very good cover. With ELO being very different musically from The Treatment's guitar driven hard rock sound then I wasn't sure how they would fare with this cover, but I was wrong to doubt them - they've done a great job of it and this is a really enjoyable song to listen to (and trust me I've listened to it a lot).

Releases like this show why The Treatment are gaining fans rapidly and are getting good tour support slots - they make great rock music - no silly sub-genres, it's just good old fashioned hard rock music. They will be spending this summer flying the flag for young British rock bands as they tour the US with Motley Crue and KISS, and I suspect a lot of the fans who are there for the headline acts will leave the arenas as fans of The Treatment too.

Writer: Anthony May
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