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Unnecessary to over explain it. Dödren from Göteborg made something new, something unusual giving an incredible mood of music listening by it…

The band’s debut album- called Maen came out in the end of April- surprising the metal-funs, all around the world, collecting appreciative comments also from India and Brazil. But… despite of the success, hard to declare or name Dödaren’s first album’s real style. „Our style is so tricky...”- says the band. The guys in Dödaren see themselves as moving along an undefined dimension of style, and thus lets others do the categorizations. And this is what makes this eight songs so great.
Eric, Martin, Fredrik and Jon have prior to the formation of the group played in several different constellations in genres ranging from the softest blues to the hardest hardcore. Than, the Maen album inspired by the 60-70’s retro feeling with huge riffs, the next decade’s crazy punk revolutions, and giving also a bit to the top from the modern pop life and some stoner affection- at all these styles giving it as a mood of feelings from what we call metal nowadays, with all their non-stoppable energy. So let’s say it’s a kind of post-retro metal mix, with stoner points? At least it gives an opportunity to thinking about their message, dreams, life, and the world around us, and really feel these four guys opinion about the music.
In the songs, next to the mixed styles and fast changing moods, I think the most interesting is that kind of calmness, and the stirring rush what listeners can feel in the same time. That’s the reason why I could suggest the Maen album not only for living a kind of wild retro-concert life, and getting the metal-mood, but also taking up it at home, and just melt into the music and shared thoughts. I suppose, it’s not easy to understand, how I mean that all, but after the first two moments of any of these guy’s songs, you will also get this strange plight. Anyway.. do you know, what’s just the most harder after listening it? Coming back to the ground. That’s why I hope this band will keep their promise, and run to the rehearsal room, to do their best again, and working on new and new songs, spreading their music all over countries. I guess this is what we needs- somehow against to the slimy artist nowadays- get the real music. I think this band is able to give a hand in it. Come on’ Dödaren!

Maen (2012) (Total: 50 perc)
1.Ågren Ner I Graven 07:45
2.Guld 06:39
3.Träden (Skogens Konung) 09:29
4.En Ny Dag 05:03
5.Mellangärdet 00:59
6.Ingenting 03:39
7.Svärdet 07:16
8.Slutet 10:34

Writer: Orsi Kurcz
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