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Vendetta: World Under Fire | FESTIVALPHOTO

Vendetta: World Under Fire



Lion Music/Border

British traditionalists VENDETTA set out on their second quest for world domination. Their debut was a scorcher, so I guess I have high expectations. New grooves, more complexity and even sampled dialogue is said to be new elements since last time. Let´s check it out.

Guitarist Edward Box has been in the business as a solo artist, but still he opts for an intro with little or no significance on the album. I guess I am a bit frustrated about the new features in the music. But for starters “Veil of Empathy” has a familiar ring to the riff but the somewhat odd idea of mixing touches of U2 with the rather familiar IRON MAIDEN riffage is a concept that will work 20 years from now too. A bit of a hit that is followed closely by the faster and more straightforward “Blast Radius” and the obligatory typical Northern England styled “We Are Legion”. The rest of the album has slight up and downs and traces of Zakk (the riff in “Machtpolitik”), catchiness (“The Ghost Inside”) and the slightly inferior NWOBHM devotee “Lords of Chaos”. On the other side there is the tediousness of “All Your Setting Suns” and the lack of spark in “Fragmented Reality”. This may be a good enough album, but after the debut I was hoping for more.

Track List
Halo in Black
Veil of Empathy
Blast Radius
Lords of Chaos
Fragmented Reality
The Ghost Inside
All Your Setting Suns
We Are Legion

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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