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Bang Tango: Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bang Tango: Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt



78 Productions/Music Buy Mail/SP

BANG TANGO was not an ordinary hair metal band, in fact they were only similar in hairstyle. Their first opus, “Psycho Café” was issued by MCA in 1989 and saw the band getting major airplay on MTV´s Headbanger´s Ball. This is their sixth studio album, but counting everything before and after their studio album debut they have actually 12 releases to their name. Speaking of name the only remaining original is vocalist Joe Lesté, the ranks are completed by guitarist Scott LaFlamme, bassist Lance Eric and drummer Trent Anderson these days.

Do not expect much funk injected into the music these days. Their mainstays today are the attitude, the voice, the groovy bass and the stubbornly repetitive refrains. The cover may look like shit but give them a break. Joe seems to be breaking free of the old days and wants to make new merits. The opener “Dick in the System” is grittier than anything I remember them for. I´d say they opened up the best possible way! The emphasis seems to be on 70´s KISS and maximum sleaze. Still the band feels genuine. “Suck It Up” rocks, so does “Bring on the World”, “I Like It” and “Drivin´”. The sincere balladry of “Have You Seen Her” would have earned them cash back in the days of old. The main question mark must be the total change of direction…or rather the picture of the band that also separates them from their past? Baah, I think this is a new beginning. With another album like this they´ll be in the clear!

Track List Dick in the System
Suck It Up
Our Way
Bring on the World
Have You Seen Her
Live Life
I Like It
Boom Box Séance
Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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