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At vance - Facing your enemy | FESTIVALPHOTO

At vance - Facing your enemy



German metal band At Vance are back with their new album, "Facing your enemy". Formed in 1998 this is their tenth album, and guitarist Olaf Lenk is now the only remaining founding member.

Comments on a few tracks..

Opening track "Heaven is calling" is great hard rock - plenty of guitars, pounding drums and lots of power.

Facing your enemy is a slower less powerful mid-paced rock track.

Really those first two tracks sum up the album - it alternates between mid-paced rock and heavy rock, with a couple of ballads thrown in for good measure.

The album includes a cover of the hit by German band Tokyo - the self titled song "Tokyo". Coincidentally this is the second forthcoming album I've listened to today to feature this song - the other is "Todays tomorrow" by Luley (Klaus Luley of course being a former member of Tokyo). This is a good version of the song.

For the slow acoustic ballad, "Things I Never Needed", vocal duties are handed over to Olaf Lenk, and he does a very good job of it - a great song.

This is a very good album - some great heavy rock tracks and some good solid mid-paced rock. The guitar work in particular is excellent.

A good strong hard rock album that's well worth a listen.

At Vance are:

Rick Altzi (Vocals)
Olaf Lenk (Guitar/Keyboards)
Chris Hill (Bass)
Casey Grillo (Drums - studio)
Tim Breideband (Drums - live)

Track listing:

1. Heaven Is Calling
2. Facing Your Enemy
3. Eyes Of A Stranger
4. Fear No Evil
5. Live & Learn
6. Don’t Dream
7. See Me Crying
8. Saviour
9. Tokyo
10. March Of The Dwarf
11. Fame And Fortune
12. Things I Never Needed

Writer: Anthony May
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