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Accept - Stalingrad | FESTIVALPHOTO

Accept - Stalingrad



Stalingrad is the latest album from German metal legends Accept. It's the bands second album with their current singer Mark Tornillo (formerly with TT Quick) and one of their few albums without their longtime singer Udo Dirkschneider.
Obviously there will be plenty of people who would rather they had kept Udo as their singer but in my view theres no point going on about this - Mark Tornillo is the bands current singer so live with it and give the guy a chance. Mark TOrnillo has a great voice that is well suited to Accept - it's got some of that same coarse raspy quality of Udo's voice, but Mark has a higher vocal range and it really does work well with the songs on this album - and he also does a great job with the older material in concerts.

The album was, like the previous album - 2010's "Blood of the nations", produced by Andy Sneap who took time out from his guitar duties with Hell to work on this album - Hell will also be touring with Accept (now there's an impressive tour lineup).

Comments on a few of the songs..

The album gets off to a great start immediately - screaming guitars and pouding drums kick off "Hung drawn and quartered". This tale of trial and punishment is a great song and allows Mark Tornillo to show the power in his voice. For anyone who isnt familiar with the title, its a mediaeval method of execution usually reserved for crimes such as treason. The offender was hanged (without the neck snapping drop used more recently) until they were almost dead - they were then cut down and had their stomachs cut open and their entrails drawn out/removed, before finally they were quartered - chopped into four pieces. A fairly horrific way to die.

Title track "Stalingrad" tells the story of the World War II battle for the city of Stalingrad, and features some great guitar work

"Flash to bang time" is the fastest song on the album and will certainly appeal to the old-school fans who like the faster songs.

This album is perhaps slightly slower than some of the band's earlier work but doesnt lose any of the heaviness you associate with the band. This is a stunningly good album - one that is likely to make the "top ten albums of the year" lists of many reviewers in 9 months time. I definitely recommend this album.

Stalingrad is out on 9th April via Nuclear Blast.

Track listing:

1. Hung drawn and quartered
2. Stalingrad
3. Hellfire
4. Flash to bang time
5. Shadow soldiers
6. Revolution
7. Against the world
8. Twist of fate
9. The quick and the dead
10. The Galley

Writer: Anthony May
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