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Jake Morley - Many fish to fry | FESTIVALPHOTO

Jake Morley - Many fish to fry



Jake Morley is a young British singer-songwriter who has been getting plenty of attention recently. His single "Feet don't fail me now" was extremely good so I was looking forward to hearing the album. The music is simple - primarily Jake Morley playing acoustic guitar and singing whcih works well. His guitar playig is an unusual style - he plays it with a lap tapping style which isnt something you see very often.
The lyrics are all based around everyday life rather than anything particularly exciting or exotic, and while that may not excite some people, I can see it appealing to others who find the lyrics easier to relate to than lyrics by many bands.

It's a hard style to describe - its not pop, its not folk, its not rock - but saying what it is isn't easy - really its a blend of the three.

My favourite track is definitely the brilliant single, "Feet don't fail me now", but the whole album is really enjoyable to listen to - it's laid back but still cheerful - music to put a smile on your face.

The special edition comes with a bonus DVD containing video of a live concert.

Jake Morley will be on tour with dates around the country during May - details at

"Many fish to fry" will be released on 2nd April.

Track listing:

1. The light
2. Feet dont fail me now
3. I saw something
4. Reeling
5. This city
6. Freddie laid the smack down
7. Pondering on a scenario in which I am the hero
8. Sideline
9. Be with me once more
10. Many fish to fry
11. Inside my mind

Writer: Anthony May
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