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Nanci Griffith - Intersection | FESTIVALPHOTO

Nanci Griffith - Intersection



"Intersection" is the latest album from American singer songwriter Nanci Griffith. Nanci Griffith has a career spanning folk and country music and over the last 34 years has released nineteen albums, with Intersection being her 20th. Twenty albums now, and none before like this. “It’s emotional for me, and it’s personal, and it makes my heart pound, thinking I’m going to be totally exposed here,” says Nanci Griffith, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and Americana Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

The music is hard to categorise - it feels somewhere between country and folk without quite falling into either category. The songs are generally simple with the focus being on the acoustic guitar and Namci's singing.

"Hell no" is one of the standout tracks. A much louder angrier song than the rest of the album, this is a really great track with the vocals almost shouted rather than sung - a style that works perfectly with the lyrics.

"Davey's last picture" is another song I really enjoy - with this song its the lyrics that impress particularly.

This is a great album - the lyrics are beautifully written and convey plenty of emotion. The music and vocals work extremely well with the lyrics to create an album you'll want to listen to again and again.

"Intersection" will be released on 20th February 2012 on Proper Records.

Track listing:

1. Bethlehem steel
2. Never going back
3. Intersection
4. Waiting on a dark eyed gal
5. Hell no (I'm not alright)
6. Stranded in the high ground
7. If I could only fly
8. Just another morning here
9. Bad seed
10. Davey's last picture
11. Came up on Mississippi
12. High up on a mountain top

Writer: Anthony May
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