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Dead to This World: Sacrifice | FESTIVALPHOTO

Dead to This World: Sacrifice



Soulseller Records/Sound Pollution

When Iscariah left IMMORTAL in 2002 he formed DEAD TO THIS WORLD. The band has released one demo, one split, one full-length (“First Strike for Spiritual Renewance” in 2007), and now this MCD. Iscariah handles vocals, guitar and bass himself, Thurzur plays bass, Skyggen guitars, and M:A Fog drums. The band has recorded and produced the whole affair themselves and according to the info this is just about what the world needs, let´s find out!

Five tracks are on offer, including an intro. “Har Megiddo/Satan´s Storm” is a pretty entertaining and varied intro with a lot of atmosphere, not bad! The title track is a quite thrashy piece, with less black metal in it than the band member´s stage names hint at. The riff is fat and I think it´s an example of a possible new path for the somewhat stagnant Norwegian black metal scene. The same goes for the final track, “Altar of Mahakali”. The track has a lot of doom light at a higher pace in it, the most blackish part may well be the incredibly atmospheric wind sound at the end. There is a lot of groove sin the music, and the biggest surprise is probably the rather dull PENTAGRAM cover, “The Malefice”. All in all DEAD TO THIS WORLD has proven worthy of more future releases, maybe even of becoming forerunners in the Norwegian genre?

Track List
Har Megiddo/Satan´s Storm
Death Courageous
The Malefice (PENTAGRAM Cover)
Altar of Mahakali

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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