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Ancient Bards: Soulless Child | FESTIVALPHOTO

Ancient Bards: Soulless Child



Limb Music/Sound Pollution

ANCIENT BARDS debuted in 2009 with “The Alliance of Kings”. Compared to RHAPSODY or RHAPSODY OF FIRE the band continued in their epic symphonic vein, adamant not to be considered mere copycats. The heroes of the first album return to travel yet further to the heavy guitars, the epic keys and the high-pitched voice of Sara Squadrani. Sniffing an opportunity as they consider RHAPSODY OF FIRE lost in playfulness the bards return to triumph…or?

The opening intro sure points right to the core. The pompous style and the female voice say exactly what can be expected. Shorter songs are not ANCIENT BARDS´ cup of tea. One song is less than five minutes, and the opening “real” track is 7.34, an average length. “To the Master of Darkness” has it all; pompous performance, triggered drums, a really fat sound picture that haste along at rather full throttle. The refrain could be more marked and more powerful though. The band seems so focused on their overall sound that the refrains are less emphasized at times. But “Gates of Noland” still has the choir in first place, but the refrain is better and it comes across as a classic power Tolkien metal track. But when they opt for an improvised Eurovision Song Contest Final with “Broken Illusion” they sort of leave the competition behind. Rather playful but still focused on melody and the intermission with the groovy bass line rules. Unfortunately ANCIENT BARDS only returns to that fantastic form in “Through My Veins”, which is more metal and almost related to a hockey chant. The crash landing here is “Dinanzi Al Flagello”. If they say other bands are lost in overly intricate structures, well this is so operatic it hurts! But the Italians get away quite unharmed with songs of nine to 14 minutes and they have a musical touch that can be used for great things. But for now we can only hope for a third outing with more ESC flirts and unashamed melodic over-usage!

Track List
Struggle for Life
To the Master of Darkness
Gates of Noland
Broken Illusion
All that Is True
Valiant Ride
Dinanzi al Flagello
Soulless Child
Through My Veins
Hope Dies Last

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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