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My Black Light: Human Maze | FESTIVALPHOTO

My Black Light: Human Maze



Massacre/Sound Pollution

MY BLACK LIGHT was formed in 2008 by keyboardist/vocalist Rodolfo Coda Bertetto and vocalist Monica Primo. They started out with covers to get things going, and via music contests they began recording this album in 2010. Did all the planning and carefulness pay off?

If there is one thing I´ll remember about MY BLACK LIGHT it´s the keyboards. Their instrumentals are mostly short and snappy, and their riffs are carried out by Rololfo, or augmented by his keyboard work. Thr major songs are “Guiding Light” and “Ti Sento”. The former is somewhat straighter, contains only female vocals and the gothic parts are nicely underlined by a piano. The latter might be in the right language, the pace is somewhat quicker and it´s quite forceful. The downside of MY BLACK LIGHT is mainly the vocals, especially the growl. But Monica doesn´t sound entirely stable all the time either. They sure are enthralling and contagious at times but the boring guitar sound and the various vocal shortcomings bring them down way to often. I believe the cover of TONI BRAXTON´s “Unbreak My Heart” pretty much sums it up. That song is quite powerful and demands a fine voice, the right rhythm and some forceful guitar work. It goes about half the distance here, as does the efforts of MY BLACK LIGHT.

Track List
Energy Core
Being Human
The Abstainer
Noise for Sale
Inner World
A Lie for Eternity
Guiding Light
Ti Sento
Unbreak My Heart

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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