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Alfonzetti - Here comes the night | FESTIVALPHOTO

Alfonzetti - Here comes the night



Alfonzetti takes its name from singer Matti Alfonzetti who has plenty of experience, having been in several bands including Jagged Edge, Heavy Waters, Skintrade and Bam bam boys. This is pretty much a solo album - the album is very much a work of just two men - Matti Alfonzetti and Daniel Flores. Between them they play all the instruments apart from some lead guitar parts where guest musicians including Marcus Jidell from Evergrey make an appearance. In addition, Alfonzetti wrote and produced all the tracks, and Flores mixed and co-produced them.

For me the best track by far on the album is the last track - "I will never let you fall". Heavier than the other tracks, it's the only time Alfonzetti's voice shows a bit of power and the heavy guitar riffs make this a very good track.

Some nice guitar solos help lift the album up a level and help prevent it being too bland, but even these fail to make the album great.

This is a good melodic rock album, but not a great one. The problem is that while the songs are all nice enough, they just dont stick in the memory - a few minutes after listening to the album you'll struggle to remember anything much about it. Had there been more songs like "I will never let you fall" then the album would have been far better in my opinion.

"Here comes the night" is out now on AOR Heaven.

Alfonzetti is:

Matti Alfonzetti - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Daniel Flores - Drums, Keyboards


Marcus Jidell - Lead guitar
Emil - Fredholm - Lead guitar

Track listing:

1. Losing you
2. Here comes the night
3. I'll wait for you
4. Heartbreaker
5. Don't listen to your heart
6. Why can't you love me
7. Lay your love on me
8. Rock'n'roll heart
9. Set me free
10. I will never let you fall

Writer: Anthony May
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