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Bobby Kimball Jimi Jamison: S/T | FESTIVALPHOTO

Bobby Kimball Jimi Jamison: S/T




Introducing BOBBY KIMBALL and JIMI JAMISON feels like asking a catholic who the pope is. But anyway… Bobby rose to fame as the voice of TOTO between 1977-84, and 1998-2008, while Jimi was, and is the returning lead vocalist of SURVIVOR. Both of them has been solo artists, or are, and have a wide experience of making music. To enhance things further they have enlisted the aid of a.o. Jim Peterik (SURVIVOR, PRIDE OF LIONS), JOHN WAITE and Erik Mårtensson of W.E.T and ECLIPSE, while Mat Sinner (SINNER) handled the production. The backing musicians are; excellent German guitarist Alex Beyrodt, bass man Mat Sinner, keyboardist Jimmy Kresic and drummer Martin Schmidt. I sthis what the melodic rock community has been waiting for?

Well, after “Worth Fighting for” I´d say yes! Actually the album has no less than five top hits. The eighties trip “Can´t Wait for Love” , the well-paced “Chasing Euphoria”, the hit like “Get Back in the Game” and the possible Eurovision Song Contest winner “Kicking and Screaming” that has a lot of caresses built-in. But the album also has some cracking-up voices that shines through every now and then, and some blatant attempts at simply winning over the easy-going general pop audience. But, alas, the main complaint is the vocal contributions! I might even be rude and say that the best days of wonderful melodic rock have gone.

Track List
Worth Fighting for
Can´t Wait for Love
Sail Away
Chasing Euphoria
Find Another Way
Get Back in the Game
I Did Everything Wrong
Shadows of Love
Hearts Beat Again
We Gotta Believe
Kicking and Screaming
Your Photograph

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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