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Holy Force: S/T



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HOLY FORCE may sound pretentious, but why not? Behind the moniker stand; Mark Boals (ex. YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, ex. ROYAL HUNT), Mike LePond of SYMPHONY X and SEVEN WITCHES, Kenny (Rhino) Earl (ex. MANOWAR, ANGELS OF BABYLON) and Taiwan hot shot guitarist Ango Chen, most known for his work with MIKE VESCERA. This experienced lot has joined forces to play something melodic. So, impress me!

After a somewhat inauspicious start with the self-titled opener and “Flying”, the non-descript instrumental “Breathe” leaves me with a lot more to desire. And that is exactly what will happen. “Seasons” is the logical continuation to the previous instrumental, providing meaning to the latter. The pace quickens and Mar´s vocals seem to be right there when the tough gets going. It must be said that the vocal tracks here can´t be handled by anyone. The coordination, Ango´s speed and precision, Mike´s almost condescending exactness, perfectly paired with Rhino´s precision drumming. It all falls in place. Apart from the rather unnecessary instrumental “Waiting” the next seven out of eight tracks are pure pleasure. Nothing excesses like “We Are the Warriors” though. The intertwined piano and guitar riff, the arrangement, the melody, and the neo-symphonic outcome, what else could you ask for. “Emperor” almost reaches the same heights; the effect is like when someone who actually could play mixed black metal with truly realistic symphonic touches. The individual efforts are at times outstanding, and, in difference of some of the participant´s previous bands, they also work as a unit. The opening part destroyed all hopes of a 5/5 review…but they so nearly came back with a vengeance and won the title… Give them a chance!

Track List
Holy Force
A Country Good or Bad
Power of Life
Sky Etude
We Are the Warriors
Moonlight Fantasy
The Wings of Forever
Chasing the Dream
See You in the Future

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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