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Consfearacy Interview Spreading the ...Fear | FESTIVALPHOTO

Consfearacy Interview Spreading the ...Fear


"Newcomers" COSFEARACY aim to set a new standard, mixing German metal with the US counterpart. The band consists of lead vocalist Brian O'Connor (ex-VICIOUS RUMORS), guitarist Fabian Schwarz (THE NEW BLACK), bassist Günter Auschrat (THE NEW BLACK, ABANDONED), guitarist Ira Black (ex-VICIOUS RUMORS, LIZZY BORDEN, METAL CHURCH) and drummer Timo Weis. Most of them being well-renowned musicians with loads of relevant experience. But the questions as to the time limits, other engagements etc also arise. Let´s get some clarifications!

FP: Please describe the new album.

Consf: - The record consists of all types of metal genres from thrash, power, tech, classic and death metal overtones. We wanted to make this record a real worldwide collaboration. American metal meets German metal.

FP: What can you do in CONSFEARACY that you don´t do in your other bands?

Consf: - Within CONSFEARACY , we have the opportunity to get two points of view a European and American view on the way we approach writing the record. It’s really cool, fun and interesting for all of us.

FP: What have you brought from your careers and yourselves into the band?

Consf: - Talent, tenacity and timing…all of us are professional musicians with connections from the past and know what it takes to be a hard working band in the metal world.

FP: How did the band come about?

Consf: - A mutual friend of Fabian and myself introduced us and we hit it off. We wrote a couple songs and new we had something cool.

FP: What influenced you to do this?

Consf: - I wanted to do a collaboration that was different than anything I had done before.

FP: Is it a band or a project?

Consf: - Yes this is a band, it started as an experiment that blossomed into a group.

FP: Will there be time to market and work with this band?

Consf: - Yes we have been marketing ourselves and with Massacre Records to push the band.

FP: It is fair to say that you all have other obligations in the music world.

Consf: - Yes we all have obligations in the music world but CONSFEARACY is one of our main obligations.

FP: What feedback have you received this far?

Consf: Great reviews and write ups in well known magazines, airplay, internet and webzines…Its been really cool so far.

FP: Any ideas where to put your efforts in, since there are both an American part and a German part of the band?

Consf: It´s cool because we all have the same vision for the band but we still have our different approaches to the song writing sound. Being that we are from two different countries it gives us all a perspective that we might not have seen if we were all from the same area.

FP: What can we expect in the future; gigs, festivals, more albums, any other publicity?

Consf: Yes we plan on doing festivals, tours and what ever comes our way. There will plenty more publicity and we are staring to write for the next record. We are looking forward to the future and what ever comes our way in order the spread the CONSFEARACY.
Thanks to all the fans and press for their support!
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FP: Aw well, short and snappy. But the talent and the musical ideas are there. I believe we haven´t heard the last from this lot...

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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