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Rival Sons: Pressure and Time | FESTIVALPHOTO

Rival Sons: Pressure and Time



Earache/Sound Pollution

California´s RIVAL SONS seem universally hailed as the hottest new band around in 2011. Classic Rock Magazine even bowed to them, as did the German Rocks Magazine. Groove, soul and confidence, honesty and danger, all that is supposedly incorporated in the band´s sound, and those are indeed key ingredients for most of the surviving rock greats. RIVAL SONS has released an album at their own expense, “Before the Fire”, and a digital EP, before ending up in the spotlight. Is there enough fire in them to keep them there? Time to release Messrs. Jay Buchanan, vox, Scott Holiday, guitars, Robert Everhart, bass, and Mike Miley, drums.

Have you ever heard ATOMIC ROOSTER without the Hammond? Try “All Over the Road”, which has all the stamina of DuCann & Co, but without one little ingredient that was vital to the sounds of yesterday; the Hammond. They go for the same vintage sound in the handclapped “Young Love”, which is no doubt contagious. LED ZEPPELIN and JIMI HENDRIX get worshipped in the title track, at least one loan too many for me. “Only One” and “I Get Mine” have some more seventies regalia; a Hammond, grooves, and a lack of structure in the land of Jefferson Airplanes. “Burn Down Los Angeles” go for the nagging refrain, perhaps a few times too many, but I admit it has its moments. An attempt at copying Robert Plant´s voice in “Gypsy Heart” misses the target, Jay is not Robert. I may not be all that partial to the seventies, but I really like ATOMIC ROOSTER, this album, will no doubt leave my mind quite soon.

Track List
All Over the Road
Young Love
Pressure and Time
Only One
Get Mine
Burn Down Los Angeles
Save Me
Gypsy Heart
White Noise
Face of Light

Writer: Mikael Johansson
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