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Thin lizzy @ High Voltage - 23/07/2011 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Thin lizzy @ High Voltage - 23/07/2011



A few years ago, Thin Lizzy weren't at the top of their game. The new lineup however, with Ricky Warwick as their frontman is back on form and today they make things look easy as they put in an excellent performance packed with classic hits including "Jailbreak", "Whiskey in the jar", "The Boys are back in town" and "Waiting for an alibi".
For "Dancing in the moonlight", Michael Monroe joined Thin Lizzy on stage to accompany them on saxophone. Ricky Warwick is a superb frontman and while some old diehards will never accept any version of the band that doesnt include Phil Lynott, most fans are happy with the current lineup. A nice touch was dedicating one of the songs to Phil Lynott and Gary Moore - two former and deceased Thin Lizzy legends.
The large crowd certainly looked to enjoy the set with plenty of applause and cheering, although the curse of the poor sound at High Voltage affected Thin Lizzy badly with the sound being far too low and members of the audience shouting for them to turn it up. The sound was so poor that the organisers felt the need to apologise for it later on facebook. Luckily the band were good enough that even the annoying sound problems werent enough to spoil peoples enjoyment.


Are you ready
Waiting for an alibi
Dancing in the Moonlight (It's Caught Me in Its Spotlight)
Whiskey in the jar
Cowboy song
The boys are back in town
Rosalie (Bob Seger cover)
Black Rose 


Writer: Anthony May
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