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Attica Rage @ High Voltage festival - 23/07/2011 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Attica Rage @ High Voltage festival - 23/07/2011



Shortly after 2pm the silence around the Metal Hammer stage was broken by the sound of roaring motorbike engines - yes it was the intro tape for Scottish Rockers, Attica Rage. They'd drawn a decent size crowd even before they hit stage, and managed to pull a bigger crowd in the end than most of the bands who played higher up the bill - a suggestion perhaps that they deserve a higher spot on the bill next time.
Kicking off with "36 Insane", a track from their new album, Road Dog. In fact the entire set today comes from their new album (and why not when the tracks sound this good), with one exception.
Singer Johnny Parr introduces the last song as being in memory of a great rocker who passed away recently - former Motorhead guitarist Wurzel, before the band played a cover of the Motorhead classic, Overkill.

A great start to the day on the Metal Hammer stage. Attica Rage are touring the UK in early September so if you get the chance then go see them.


36 Insane
Altered Reality
Through The Inner Eye
Back to the Old School


Writer: Anthony May
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