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Theatres des vampires - Moonlight waltz | FESTIVALPHOTO

Theatres des vampires - Moonlight waltz



"Moonlight Waltz" is the ninth album from Italian vampire metal band Theatres des vampires. Despite this being the bands 9th alvum since their formation in 1994, the band is still not very well known in the UK, although two recent live shows including one at the Femme Metal festival in Birmingham may have helped to bring in new fans. In concert the band are known for their theatrical performances (check out live photos on for some examples).

The music is dark gothic metal, with a rich symphonic sound. Singer Sonia Scarlet has an interesting voice for a symphonic or gothic metal band - instead of being a pure opera style its rougher and is perfectly suited to the dark nature of the lyrics and music, in the same way that Alice Cooper's voice suits his songs, whereas a "pure" voice like Tarja Turunen's is totally unsuited to songs with a darker or sleazy tone to them (as her awful cover of "Poison" showed).

Keeper of secrets gets the album off to a good start - this track has plenty of power, a great pounding rhythm, good guitar riffs and great vocals.
"Carmilla" is the first single from the album, and is another great track.

There are several changes of pace as you listen to the album, and plenty of variety.

This album is the first I've listened to by Theatres des Vampires, and it hasnt disappointed. This album is likely to appeal to fans of bands such as Epica and Within Temptation and is well worth a listen.

Track listing:

1. Keeper of secrets
2. Fly away
3. Moonlight waltz
4. Carmilla
5. Sangue
6. Figlio della luna
7. Black madonna
8. Illusion
9. Le grand guignol
10. Obsession
11. The gate of hades
12. Medousa
13. Carmilla (radio edit) - bonus track

Writer: Anthony May
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