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  Margos Pievos

The annual international contemporary folk music (including folk rock, post-folklore, electro folklore) and alternative music festival MARGOS PIEVOS invites everyone to the Open Air Museum in Rumšiškės on July 26 – 28, 2013. During the three days of the festival, you will hear the songs and music from every ethnographic region of Lithuania, watch the traditional Lithuanian folk dances and craft-making.

Margos pievos 2012
The festival presents every visitor with a unique possibility to witness the rural and city life in Lithuania from the 18th to the early 20th century and to familiarize with the everyday life, celebrations and customs of peasants and city-dwellers of each Lithuanian region: Dzūkija (south-eastern region), Aukštaitija (“Highlands”, northeastern and eastern region), Suvalkija (southern and south-western region), Žemaitija (Samogitia or “Lowlands”, north-western region) and Mažoji Lietuva (Lithuania Minor, sea-coast region).

2013 is declared the Year of Dialects. Thus, the dialects of each ethnographic region of Lithuania will be spoken in respective geographical regions of the museum. We will send our greetings to every Anne, get to know the customs of rye harvest and watch the making of bread and butter. After the rye harvest, everyone will be invited to join the fresh harvest feast with dances, songs, games, and fresh bread.

Festival “Margos pievos” offers the opportunity for Lithuanian and foreign visitors to get acquainted with the old and contemporary Lithuanian folk culture and alternative Lithuanian and foreign music.

This is a chance to spend your holiday with family and friends and listen to folk / alternative music in a unique corner of Lithuania. Visitors of the festival will have a unique opportunity to live in a campsite and spend a couple of nights in the museum territory, located by a picturesque lagoon of the Kaunas Sea.

Those who enjoy an active leisure will be able to engage in various games. If you enjoy riding, you will be pleased to meet the horses of Lithuanian breed – the Little Samogitians, or to ride a traditional cart.

Festival Margos Pievos has no age restrictions and welcomes people of all ages and interests to escape from their routine and explore Lithuanian music, tradition and landscape.

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