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  Soundwave (Perth)

Soundwave is an annual music festival held in major cities around Australia. The festival originated in Perth, Western Australia and began travelling to the other Australian capital cities in 2007. It features a number of international and Australian music acts, from various genres including rock, metal and punk. The festival has been headlined by Deftones, The Offspring, Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More, Iron Maiden, and System of a Down and Slipknot. Sub-headliners of the festival since its inception include +44, Incubus, Alice in Chains, Bloodhound Gang, Lamb of God, Jane's Addiction, Jimmy Eat World, Queens of the Stone Age, and Slayer. The festival is run and promoted by Soundwave Touring, who also promote tours for bands and musicians each year.

Covered festivals:

    Soundwave (Perth) 2010

    Soundwave (Perth) 2011

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Wilton Kerr Wilton Kerr Written 2014-02-23 18:43:13
The SOUNDWAVE Perth Timetable has been announced . . . you may now begin screaming in anticipation for the biggest names in ROCK to shake the ground in Perth!!!
Hit up this page for all the details . .
Wilton Kerr Wilton Kerr Written 2014-02-15 01:45:41
It's getting closer to the hardest rocking festival in Perth.
The entire city is just waiting to jump to the likes of Greenday and Avenged Sevenfold . . it's gonna be HUGE!!!!!
Stay tuned to this page . . . photos to come of the BIGGEST and GREATEST rock/metal/punk acts in the world!!!
Soundwave news Soundwave news Written 2013-09-17 02:08:05
Soundwave is a HUGE experience for the uninitiated. Bringing the biggest international rock/metal/punk acts to the same festival, Soundwave aims to give you the best festival experience with it's fantastic 2014 lineup including:
Avenged Sevenfold
Stone Temple Pilots (with Chester from Linkin Park)
Rob Zombie
... and many many more!!!

This will be a festival to remember a long time!
Soundwave (Perth) | FESTIVALPHOTO