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  Auckland Arts Festival

The Auckland Arts Festival is an annual event which has been held since 2003. The location is the Auckland city centre and the purpose of this festival is not only to showcase old and new performing artists, both from New Zealand and around the world, but also to showcase the diverse cultural environment of Auckland city. The performances include music, theatre, dance and visual arts. There is no running theme for the festival and the performances vary from family friendly to adults only.

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Imogen Reid Imogen Reid Written 2013-02-03 15:13:04
From the Auckland Arts Festival website:
Whether he's busking the streets of Dublin, or performing at the Hollywood Bowl, Glen Hansard is always honest and in-the-moment.
An Oscar-winning song writer, actor, frontman for The Frames, half of Swell Season and Tony Award-winner for musical-theatre version of Once, Hansard is a reluctant hero of modern folk-rock. Capable of moving his audiences to intense emotional highs and then dragging them down to their deepest sorrows, Hansard writes songs grounded in reality, songs that can hurt.
Hansard and band, The Frames play tunes from Hansard's new album Rhythm and Repose. This will be a singular opportunity to get caught up in the emotional maelstrom of Hansard's moving music.
With LISA HANNIGAN (Also from Ireland)
Lisa Hannigan plays songs that map the human heart: loves, heartbreaks, confusions and friendships fill her beautiful and breathy vocals.
Hannigan's music delivers an electrifying blend of Southern stomp, sliding strings, glockenspiel, flugelhorn trumpet and euphonium, all employed in the telling of lyrical tales about the tangles of human life.
Catch this rising star before she's out of reach.
Glen Hansard 2hr 30min approx
Lisa Hannigan 40min approx
# In a nutshell: More awards than you can throw a stick at, Irish soul and soaring sentiments.
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