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  Jazz Traffic Festival

Jazz Traffic Festival is an annual music event was held by Suara Surabaya (SS) Radio since 2011. Jazz traffic Festival begin their history from one small jazz program called "Jazz Traffic" in SS Radio and had been growing bigger from time to time. It grows and became as one jazz reference for Surabaya Jazz lover and build close relation among their fanatic listener. From that point, the program had create the festival that allow all jazz lover in Surabaya not only their listener to come together enjoying so many talented Indonesia and International jazz artist.

Jazz Traffic Festival used to offered more various jazz musicians which made it more interesting, the program was much better, and it also engaged international jazz artist. The process until it becomes an annual event was a good story where it reinforces Surabaya as a potential place for jazz event. We can see the brand title of Jazz Traffic itself is already strongly attached to jazz lover especially among the listeners of Jazz Traffic radio program in SS, the communities of jazz listener are increased, and also the music itself continuously grows broad. Probably these cases can signify the resurgence jazz in Surabaya and voila! It transformed into a massive Jazz Traffic Festival.

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