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  Soundwave (Adelaide)

Soundwave is an annual music festival held in major cities around Australia. The festival originated in Perth, Western Australia and began travelling to the other Australian capital cities in 2007. It features a number of international and Australian music acts, from various genres including rock, metal and punk. The festival has been headlined by Deftones, The Offspring, Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More, Iron Maiden, and System of a Down and Slipknot. Sub-headliners of the festival since its inception include +44, Incubus, Alice in Chains, Bloodhound Gang, Lamb of God, Jane's Addiction, Jimmy Eat World, Queens of the Stone Age, and Slayer. The festival is run and promoted by Soundwave Touring, who also promote tours for bands and musicians each year.

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Soundwave news Soundwave news Written 2013-10-04 11:36:23
2014 edition will feature the following: Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots Rob Zombie, Placebo, Korn, Trivium, DevilDriver, Biffy Clyro, Asking Alexandria, Alkaline Trio, Five Finger Death Punch, Testament, Gwar, Mushroomhead, Pulled Apart By Horses, Bowling For Soup, Skindred, Amon Amarth, Whitechapel, The Story So Far, Ill Nino, Walking Papers, Your Demise, Real Friends, Avenged Sevenfold, Alice In Chains, Megadeth, AFI, Alter Bridge, Down, Newsted, Rocket From The Crypt, Clutch, Baroness, August Burns Red, Living Colour, Motionless In White, The Black Dahlia Murder, Finch, Nancy Vandal, Trash Talk, Volbeat, Terror, Tesseract, 10 Years, Hardcore Superstar, Coliseum, Our Last Night, Heaven’s Basement
john john Written 2013-01-31 02:13:40

TV has soap operas, literature has Shakespeare, and metal – well, metal has ANTHRAX, that fire-breathing, thrash-spitting, multi-headed beast of a band that – 30 years since the day Scott Ian and then-bassist Danny Lilker searched a biology textbook for the disease that would become their moniker – smiles back at you with a monstrous, upturned middle finger and refuses to fucking die. But then, if you have an inkling about heavy metal, you'll have heard of their meteoric rise in the 80s alongside the likes of Slayer, Megadeth, and a little band that once crashed on ANTHRAX’s studio floor known as Metallica. You'll know all about their game-changing, crossover hit with Public Enemy on “Bring The Noise“ in 1991. You'll have listened to generations of bands that owe everything to their signature stomp and crushing riffs. And in more recent times, you'll have witnessed an almost irrational will to survive in defiance of monumental odds. And that, true believers, is the story of one of the most doggedly heroic bands in metaldom on the cusp of their greatest release to date. The road has not been easy.

Rewind to 2005. Hot on the heels of 2003's rapturously received “We've Come For You All“, a unanimously praised, end-to-end scorcher spearheaded by vocalist John Bush, ANTHRAX shocked the metal world with the announcement that singer Joey Belladonna would be re-joining the band for a classic, 80s-era reunion that would sweep them around the world on a wave of head-banging nostalgia, but more importantly, reconnecting the band as friends and as the brutal thrash machine that gave the world “Among The Living“. Once that tour finished, ANTHRAX returned to discover that John Bush had moved on, and they would need to recruit yet another singer for the recording of their follow-up to “We've Come For You All“; the album that would become “Worship Music“, their tenth studio album. The band worked with one singer for a period of time, but in 2009, they were still without the right vocalist. “There was no way I was going to let anything derail my life's work,” says Scott Ian. “We've been through more drama than most bands experience in a lifetime. Granted, we didn't have to deal with somebody dying or some tragic situation but at the same time we really did face an uncertain future. For lack of a better way to explain it, I am a tenacious prick, and if I want something to happen I will make it so. It's always been like that. It touches on the 30th anniversary. I think back to July 18, 1981. Danny Lilker and I were friends and I always said to him, 'when White Heat [Lilker’s band at the time] break up, we're forming Anthrax,' and he was like, 'we're not breaking up.' I've always been like that, and with such an amazing record to put out, there's no way I was going to let anything screw that up.”

Refusing to accept their predicament, the remaining members rallied themselves in a spine-tingling gesture of conviction and self-belief for what would become the single greatest metal event of the 21st century, the first-ever performance of The Big 4. According to Charlie Benante, getting the band's proverbial excrement together for that gig was just the motivation that ANTHRAX needed to spit out the blood and get back on their feet. “The genesis of this whole Big 4 idea – and you could say the idea of getting Joey back in the band full time - was at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,” Benante continues. “It was me, Lars, and Scott talking at the bar, bullshitting, and Lars just blurted it out. It was such a surreal moment, we weren't sure if he was taking the piss out of us and all of a sudden it just happened. It made us really say 'we need to step this up and get this thing going.' It was because of that that we were pushed into this direction. Metallica gave us the kick in the ass that we needed.”

Reuniting with Joey Belladonna for a whirlwind, globe-stomping tour that would see ANTHRAX playing shoulder to shoulder with Slayer, Megadeth and old pals Metallica, the explosive success of The Big 4 would suddenly beg the question of what would happen next, and more to the point: who would sing on “Worship Music“, and how would ANTHRAX approach the follow-up to “We’ve Come For You All“? It wasn’t easy, but – from the ferocious attack of “Earth on Hell” to the red-blooded might of “Fight’em ‘Til You Can’t,” the results have been nothing less than horn-conjuring. “The majority of this record was about 55% done before we even had a singer in mind,” explains Charlie. “It was me, Scott and Frankie in our rehearsal room, the same way we wrote “Spreading the Disease“ - with no singer in mind. But I'll never forget the day I first heard Joey singing, I got goosebumps, I got excited - all I could think of in my mind was 'how will he sing this song' and it was just amazing to me. Every time I heard the next song I would be like, 'this rules.'”
John John Written 2013-01-15 04:00:39
Sleeping with Sirens / Woe, Is Me / Memphis May Fire announce Australian sidewaves!

Now three years into their existence, the post-hardcore quintet SLEEPING WITH SIRENS continue to evolve and mature as artists, gradually shaping their unmistakable blend of fury and melody into a sound that’s wholly their own. The band’s new five-song acoustic EP, ’If You Were a Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack’, presents another crucial step in the band’s ongoing journey toward
their sonic destiny. “It continues to show off their knack for creating killer pop melodies while displaying some versatility in their songwriting. It's easy to hear why this band has been deemed one of the next big things in the scene.” – Absolute Punk

With a live energy that matches the intensity of their albums, SLEEPING WITH SIRENS will be tearing up Sydney and Melbourne for two Sidewaves only!

A band that shows endless perseverance; WOE, IS ME have proved themselves to be a continuous sign of not only hope, but an example proving that it’s possible to overcome even the impossible.

Their sophomore album ‘Genesis’ is jaw-dropping and brutal yet deliciously poppy and inspiring. This is the beginning of something new, something of vital importance to the modern music scene that carries with it a message of consequence.

MEMPHIS MAY FIRE have consistently pushed the envelope to redefine both themselves and the various sub-genres they’ve made their mark within. Their fresh approach to an otherwise stale scene gathered critical acclaim and facilitated the delivery of their music to the masses and established a live precedent that the band continues to build on today.

Fast forward to 2013 and MEMPHIS MAY FIRE have broadened their reach and welcome a new world of possibilities within the scope of their burgeoning career. Their high-octane live show acts as a testament to their ever-increasing identity and always leaves the audience wanting more. Their latest album ‘Challenger’ “is exactly what its namesake implies – it’s a battle cry, a war. MEMPHIS MAY FIRE have been near breaking point for years and they waste no time letting it rip this time around.” - Absolute Punk




John John Written 2013-01-15 03:58:41
Kyuss Lives! / Red Fang announce Australian Sidewaves!

Fans had been lamenting the loss of Kyuss since the minute they broke up. When KYUSS LIVES last toured Australia fans spoke with resounding voice as we saw venues across the country whipping out the sold out sign in mere minutes.

In what is sure to be a stunning send-off, KYUSS LIVES will perform under that name for the final time ever during their Soundwave performances in 2013. They are coming back to Australia giving thousands of grieving fans a chance to see them on two very special Sidewaves. Get ready as KYUSS LIVES will be here to fuck shit up and fuck you up. Consider the rest history.

To make the night even more unforgettable RED FANG are joining the party. They are determined to trample the feeble rock world with the force of an ill-tempered wooly mammoth. Their unique brand of humour, catchy song writing and independent attitude are sure to turn a few heads in 2013 and beyond.



Sabina Sabina Written 2012-12-21 23:57:03
Awesome! Can you order to Sweden also?
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