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  Wacken Open Air

Wacken Open Air (W:O:A) is one of the leading summer open air heavy metal music festivals. It takes place annually in the small town of Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany. With 80,000 festival visitors, and including personnel a total of roughly 82,500 attendees in 2010, it attracts all kinds of metal music fans, such as fans of black metal, death metal, power metal, thrash metal, gothic metal, folk metal, and even metalcore and hard rock from around the world.

The festival was first held in 1990 as a small event for local German bands. By 1998 the event had become the major festival on the European metal calendar and has included over 70 bands from all over Europe, North America and Australia. W:O:A is usually held at the beginning of August and lasts three days, during which the festival-goers camp on several large camping grounds surrounding the actual festival area.
The 70 or more bands perform across four separate stages over the course of the event.

Size of the festival site: 220 ha
Festival infield: 42.000 qm
Number of visitors: 75.000

W:O:A 2014 was sold out in less than 48 hours!

Covered festivals:

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    Wacken Open Air 2005

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    Wacken Open Air 2010

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    Wacken Open Air 2018

    Wacken Open Air 2019

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Zhasmina Ivanova Zhasmina Ivanova Written 2019-05-26 01:07:47
W:O:A 2018 is nominated for the best festival from the Heavy Music Awards. If you want to vote for W:O:A, you can use the following link:
Zhasmina Ivanova Zhasmina Ivanova Written 2019-05-26 00:56:59
PRG LEA 2019 rewarded Thomas Jensen and Holger Hübner for their life's work.
This year was the 14th presentation of the German Live Entertainment Award in the Frankfurt Festhalle.
The award was presented in 15 categories to concert and show organizers, managers, agents and venue operators from German-speaking countries - and more than 1,400 guests.
The laudator Matze Knop announced that the W:O:A foundersThomas Jensen and Holger Hübner are the winners of the live entertainment award for 2018 for their life's work.
They started at 1989 the idea of metal festival - Wacken Open Air, but they didn't know that it will becomes the biggest and world famous festival in Europe.
Also now they have a network which organize metal festivals - ICS network.
The laudatory speech was held from Rudolh Schenker and Klaus Meine from Scorpions band, who reminded that Thomas Jensen and Holger Hübner were already rewarded in 2008 in the category "Music Festival of the year". They
spoked about Jensen and Hübner's 3 decades of work for the worldwide metal community, and that hey made Wacken the heart of the heavy metal cosmos inviting the world best metal bands and managing the metal fans from all over the world.
The W:O:A founders said that they decided to start the festival because they wanted to play music and to listen to many bands. They dedicated their reward to their longtime friend and Production Manager Thomas Hess,
who died the last year, and to his wife, Heidrun Vogler who is still taking care for the security in Wacken.
You can watch the ceremony with Jensen and Hübner on this link:
Zhasmina Ivanova Zhasmina Ivanova Written 2019-04-29 11:01:15
There will be a number of special shows at W:O:A 2019 -

The Thrash Metal giants Slayer will do their final show in Germany at the Wacken Open Air.
Sabaton will celebrate their 20 years together and they will perform a special show - exclusively at the W:O:A.
Demons & Wizards will play in Germany only at W:O:A this year. They will present music from their two albums and new songs.
Body count feat. Ice-T will play at two concerts in Germany and the only open air show will be in Wacken.
D-A-D will make a special and exclusive show at W:O:A 2019.
Rage will celebrate their "XIII" album's anniversary and they will play with the Lingua Mortis Orchestra.This show will be performed only once in Germany - at Wacken Open Air 2019.
Zhasmina Ivanova Zhasmina Ivanova Written 2019-04-29 09:07:19
You can download the official W:O:A APP for iPhone or Android here:

Some of its features are:
News about the festival.
A list of the W:O:A bands.
The time table for W:O:A 2019.
You can mark bands as favorites and you can create a personal running order with reminder before the concert starts.
The app will recommends you new bands, using your favorites and your likes on Facebook.
The app has a festival ground map combined with a GPS feature.
The app has a list of the food stalls at W:O:A.
Zhasmina Ivanova Zhasmina Ivanova Written 2019-04-29 08:49:52
Lockers at W:O:A

For your safety you can rent a locker for your valuables, where you can also charge your photo camera batteries and phones with the built-in sockets.
BigBoxBerlin offers lockers in two sizes with 15 or 90 Watt maximum socket power, which are supervised 24 hours a day during the festival.
They are placed at two locations on the festival ground - at the main entrances to the stage area.
You can rent them here:

It is comfortable to know that your valuables are at safe place when you enjoy the concerts.