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Legendary MOONSPELL from Portugal were founded 1989 by Fernando Ribeiro as a black metal outfit under the name of Morbid God. Demo tapes and concerts with Cradle of Filth and others followed and in 1995 Century Media Records released their debut album „Wolfheart“, which marked the breakthrough of MOONSPELL.

Coming originally out of black metal, the MOONSPELL sound over the years transformed into dark- and gothic metal and the band are considered to be one of the genre´s leaders with several hit singles and a horde of fans around the globe. In their home country they play shows in front of several thousand people and the album „Memorial“ even entered the official album charts on # 1.

"Alpha Noir" will be released on 27 April and will also be available as a deluxe special edition incl. the musical twin "Omega White". Both masterpieces were produced and mixed by Tue Madsen, pre-produced by Benny Richter.


Covered gigs:

   2022-08-05 Moonspell (Wacken Open Air 2022)

   2022-06-24 Moonspell (Hellfest Open Air 2022)

   2022-05-12 Moonspell (Arenele Romane - Bucharest)

   2019-06-22 Moonspell (Hellfest Open Air 2019)

   2017-04-29 Moonspell (Stockholm Slaughter 2017)

   2016-08-14 Moonspell (Vagos Metal Fest 2016)

   2016-02-05 Moonspell (70000tons Of Metal 2016)

   2014-10-31 Moonspell (Mazefest 2014)

   2014-08-08 Moonspell (Leyendas Del Rock 2014)

   2013-10-29 Moonspell (Club New York - Vilnius)

   2013-06-23 Moonspell (Hellfest Open Air 2013)

   2013-03-29 Moonspell (Inferno Metal Festival 2013)

   2012-08-11 Moonspell (Brutal Assault 2012)

   2012-07-06 Moonspell (Bestfest Summercamp 2012)

   2012-07-05 Moonspell (Getaway Rock 2012)

   2011-06-09 Moonspell (Sweden Rock Festival 2011)

   2010-05-22 Moonspell (Wave Gotik Treffen 2010)

   2009-09-11 Moonspell (Caos Emergente 2009)

   2009-07-23 Moonspell (Maiact - Maia) (Maiact 2009)

   2008-08-09 Moonspell (Mera Luna 2008)

   2007-08-04 Moonspell (Wacken Open Air 2007)

   2007-07-01 Moonspell (Tuska Open Air 2007)

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