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  Tolminator Metal Fest

Tolminator is a metal festival that emerged on the picturesque location along the Soča River in Tolmin, where Metal Days (and before that Metalcamp) took place before.

Set against the stunning mountains and crystal rivers backdrop, this annual gathering draws metalheads worldwide for a week of intense metal music, culture and community.

The festival boasts multiple stages showcasing a diverse lineup of metal acts, from classic to extreme genres. But Tolminator is more than just music—it's a celebration of metal culture, offering workshops, water attractions and opportunities to explore Slovenia's rich heritage.

Named after the town it now calls home, Tolminator has become a highlight of the metal calendar, uniting fans in their shared love for heavy music and unforgettable experiences amidst the Slovenian landscape.

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    Tolminator Metal Fest 2023

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