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Ilosaarirock is one of the major Rock Festivals in Finland, and the biggest one in the eastern part of Finland. The Festival gathers 20.000 people every July to see artists from miscellaneous genres, everything from Mike Patton to Nightwish, Anthrax, Suede, Children Of Bodom, Us3, Röyksopp and Bad Religion. Ilosaarirock is said to be the Festival with the most relaxed atmosphere.

Covered festivals:

    Ilosaarirock 2010

    Ilosaarirock 2012

    Ilosaarirock 2014

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Mikko V. Mikko V. Written 2014-05-29 14:33:54
Ilosaarirock has announced that Swedish Prog-metal band Opeth will perform at the Festival on Sunday 13 July! The band will release their new album in June and performs their only Finland gig this summer at Ilosaarirock. New bands on the roster include also Lost Society, Asa & Band, Nyrkkitappelu, Dalindèo, OJJ, Magic Meredith and Blind Channel.
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